Web Design Tips For Building A Successful Site Web

Web Design Tips For Building A Successful Site Web

by Shane

Whether for business or social interaction, is the most powerful method of getting exposure for your products, services or personal agenda. However, due to sketchy web design, most of those with online platforms don’t get half the benefit they should from their marketing efforts. For you to reap maximum returns from your website, you need to install basic web design tips right from the moment it is being developed. The Professionals at DS Xpress are skilled web designers who can take your website to the next level. Below are some essential points that should be kept in mind when developing or having a website designed to make it more efficient as a business tool or personal platform.

Basic Web Design Tips

Promote Website Accessibility with Mobile Friendly Features

Sites that promote the use of fonts that are available on all computers are more attractive options and more inclined to keep the visitor on the site. This is of particular importance because your site will be accessed by a wide variety of systems and browsers and viewed on many different monitor sizes and resolutions. The site has to be readily usable by as many of these as possible while staying stylish and attractive. Site designs that are “roomy” and use a lot of light space are more attractive than those that are cramped and very dark. Using stretch layouts ensures that all users can view the site with ease no matter what their screen resolution is.

Proper Mixing of Colors

Color schemes should be kept consistent throughout the entire site. Although different colors for various services or sections of your site may make sense, they tend to do more damage than good online. Use your corporate color scheme as a jump off the point or choose simple complimentary colors that aren’t too bright and overwhelming. This tends to lure attention away from the most important thing on your site – your content.

Easily Navigable Website

A visitor needs to be able to find what he or she needs quickly and in a logical fashion without being diverted to separate locations first. As soon as someone feels, they are wasting time they leave. A site map is a must on more complex sites and remembers to include a mirror navigation bar at the base of each page. Also, try and keep all text easy to read by maintaining sufficient contrast between the background and the text body.

Optimizing Graphics and Scripts

As soon as a site takes an age to load the visitor closes and moves on. Try to have external links open in new windows which make a return to your site easy as well. Also keep backgrounds and special effects simple. Busy backgrounds and masses of animated effects detract from your site’s most important function in getting your content noticed and acted upon.

Create Engaging, Entertaining and Educative Content

Content forms the basis of your website; consequently, it should be the main area of focus when designing a web presence. Keep your content, relevant, informative and of the highest quality possible regarding copywriting and structure. Visitors pick up on fluff and extraneous information quickly and lose interest just as quickly. If they find what they want quickly and find it to be of value, they will stay on the site and return frequently, and that is the battle won.

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