Top Questions to Ask Your Website Developer

Top Questions to Ask Your Website Developer

by Shane

Getting the best website developer is not an easy task. This is because any developer can hide behind fancy graphics and claim to be an expert. It is therefore important to analyze a website developer you may be working with to ensure you won’t have any issues with your website.

Here are top questions to ask your website developer.

  1. Who will host the Website?

Are there one-off fees, maintenance fees or monthly charges?

  1. Can you easily update the website yourself?

You need to confirm with your website developer if you can update your site by yourself. If you cannot update or edit the website yourself, you will end up paying every time you need to change something.

  1. Is your website backed up?

It is important that your website is backed up on a server. This is to ensure you do not lose important data if a problem occurs.

  1. Does your website developer create easy to use websites?

Websites with lots of personality might look amazing, but can cause the visitors to take off in frustration because they cannot get what they need.

Ask your developer if he/she can create a website where visitors can easily navigate to help you attain your goals.

  1. Will you be tied to your website developer after completion?

Since the future of the business in any competitive market is unclear, ensure that you can move on to another website developer. If your web developer is utilizing only his or her in-house codes, you may find a hard time finding someone to continue working with you. However, if your developer can base your website on widely used systems, switching to another developer will be easy.  

  1. Does your website developer have examples of website he or she has developed?

This seems obvious but it is very important. For example, we have seen a company taking charge of rescuing failing projects after the website being “completed” by a website developer that lacked the necessary skills. So it is important to go through their examples. You do not want to be a lab rat.

  1. Does the website developer meet your expectation of quality?

Now that you know the website developer has developed at least one or more websites, you need to ask yourself if you would be happy if your project turned out to be like them. This also seem like an obvious question but you may find a website developer with over 20 websites that appear to be stuck in the 1990’s . You should not expect this developer to improve just for your project.

  1. Does your developer has search engine optimization skills?

Google ranks website not only on links and keywords, but also on aspects like loading time of a page. So, ensure that the website development you are about to work with is aware of the on-page aspects that search engines consider.

  1. Will your website developer provide affordable maintenance?

All business and personal websites will need ongoing maintenance, especially security updates against new pressures. Ensure that a well understood maintenance plan is incorporated in the quote. You can also ask for a monthly report to keep your website on check.
Taking all these important questions into consideration, you can trust DS Xpress to develop your website with no worries. We are a development team with 35 in-house professionals that have built over 600 websites and apps over the past 15 years.

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