Tips On Keeping Your Website Relevant

Tips On Keeping Your Website Relevant

by Shane

Having a stylish, functional website should be at the top of the list for every business or organization, although a lot goes into accomplishing such a monumental goal. To have a user-friendly, properly optimized, and fresh internet look is a great goal to reach, and it sure would be great to reach finally the end of a long, ongoing process that often seemed as if it would never come to an end. The feeling that this internet work is never ending is true in the sense that design tools and styles are always changing and updating – which translates to websites needing to be reworked rather frequently. The key to success in this area of design is knowing when that time has come. Here are 3 tips to help you decide if you need a web design makeover.

1.Why Update Website Design?

Just as clothing fashions change, so do design trends with websites. The changes may not be very drastic or frequent; however, with the passage of just a few years, it is usually easy to see trends have progressed in a different direction. Of course, other trends in functionality, coding, and performance have undoubtedly changed as well. While it certainly is not necessary to redesign for every trend that comes along in the world of website structure, it is vital to prevent the internet door to a company’s business from becoming outdated and stale, unable to remain competitive with every new competitor’s entry into the global internet market. Sorry, change is something that must be recognized and embraced, not avoided.

Many times, the credibility and trust earned by a company or organization is influenced by how professional or current their website looks and acts. If the layout or functions are too far behind where current design has evolved, it could have a negative effect on a company’s reputation. It is important to feel confident when dealing with a business via the internet, which is more likely when its internet presence is up to date and current within its niche and also in the social realms. To achieve this impression, keeping up with current internet design trends is a necessity.

2.Updating Performance and Function.

Besides appearance, there are a few other reasons why it might be time to redesign parts of or even an entire website. Usability is one of them, as great developments are continually happening in website development and performance tools. Responsive design is now the name of the game as more users access the internet on various mobile devices rather than just personal computers. Updating to a responsive layout is pretty much a necessity, even if it does take a time to implement. The result is a better optimization, more traffic, and a higher level of accessibility at any time on any device.

3.The Statement of a New Design.

Website change might also be warranted when there is a significant shift in the organization, structure, or with important new announcements, such as the introduction of a new product line. A new website can bring attention to the change and provide an appropriate time to redesign the website. Some changes, like moving to a new content management system can require substantial work to implement the upgrades. What cannot be ignored is the statement that is made with a new design, a statement of a company that always wants to put its best internet foot forward, so to speak.

One of the best ways to determine when it is time to consider a website change is to look regularly at the competition and monitor their internet location for changes. Keeping an eye on design trends is not a bad idea either. Just end up with a website that no longer portrays an organization as being progressive, contemporary, and in tune with the rest of the business world – put that best internet foot forward always! Contact the pros at DS Xpress to get started on your website makeover. DS Xpress – Custom web and mobile applications.

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