Tips To Keep Website Visitor Retention High.

Tips To Keep Website Visitor Retention High.

by Shane

In today’s age, any and every business that aspires to succeed, from the perspective of both brand promotion as well as monetary profits, needs to have a website. And the website has to be designed in perfect synchronization with the enterprise’s purpose. And once all of this has been achieved, it is only a matter of time that your visitor retention statistics shoots through the roof, boosting your business profits phenomenally.

An excellent Web Designer, hence, can go a long way in promoting your online business to the niche consumer base you wished to target. However, some factors need to be considered before you can actually hope that your web design starts generating leads. Listed below are a few:

Great Visual Appeal.

If you are an artist, you will appreciate the fact that greatness equals simplicity. The same principle applies to web design as well, especially if you want it to complement your online marketing campaign. Your web design should ideally convey the marketing message across within seconds, and yet be attractive enough to improve visitor retention.

Dynamic, Up-to-date Content.

Your website is like a magazine. You need to keep improving and updating the content at regular intervals. This not only means incorporating high-quality content but also making the same keyword-rich. This allows higher search engine rankings and consequently better visibility and improved lead generation!

Flash Features.

Even though loading a site with flash can kill the marketing potential of a site online, using hand-picked features can help you in the long run. Video plug-ins, animated graphs, and figures that help convey the USP of the company better are welcome features in a website design as far as marketing is concerned.


Communication is a decisive factor in the marketing arena, and more-so if it’s being conducted online. A Web Design should have quality user-interface features embedded into the design to help complement the site’s internet marketing strategy. The bounce rate of a site is a great parameter in deciding whether your Webdesign is a winner or not. Even simple upgrades like the strategic positioning of your company logo or a crisp website design can help decrease the bounce rate and improve business statistics for your website.

Meta Tags.

META tags, HTML heading tags and allied details are to be created afresh, albeit keeping both the design as well as the theme of the website in consideration. This will provide great impetus to your online marketing campaign, and will also help improve your site’s search engine rankings. Moreover, your website design should also be able to build links to other relevant sites and blogs, boosting your marketing strategy.

Ease of Navigation.

Navigation is another intrinsic factor that influences your online marketing prowess and the establishment of a powerful brand identity. While designing your website, make sure the user is never at a dead-end or cannot fathom the navigation styles. Also, ensure that all pages of your web portal are inter-connected. Pages such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Site Map’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages should be provided with a ‘nofollow’ attribute to avoid them being crawled by the search engines, comprising an otherwise high Page Rank.

Incorporating the aforementioned points in a Web Design can effectively enhance the business promotion strategies of an enterprise on the web. In today’s age of fierce competition for superior online presence, a web design that compliments your internet marketing endeavor can help you stand in good stead in this regard. Hire our experienced web designers at DSxpress so they can help develop user friendly websites for your business.

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