DS Xpress and Genesis Media host ‘Unlocking Potential of Emerging Technology’

DS Xpress and Genesis Media host ‘Unlocking Potential of Emerging Technology’



Americans now spend nearly as much time using the Internet as they do watching TV. The Aventura Marketing Council’s first Chairman’s Roundtable luncheon of 2013 focused on the emergence of startup technology companies as powerful economic forces and how local businesses can best harness innovation for their benefit. The meeting was hosted by two “technologically advanced” startup companies: Genesis Media – a pioneering video advertising company focused on reinventing how consumers pay for content online; and DS Xpress – providing Custom Web and Mobile Applications for clients.

AMC Chair Cliff Schulman of Weiss, Serota, Helfman welcomed business and community leaders to Turnberry Isle, along with Genesis Media CEO Mark Yackanich, Genesis co-founder, Chairman Andrew Reis and partners Yoav Cohen and Josh Feuer, DS Xpress President & CEO Dimitry Shaposhnikov

Based in New York, Genesis Media is an early stage advertising technology darling. Since October of 2011, they have quietly amassed an incredible roster of client partners across Fortune 500 brands such as Ford, Chevy, Chrysler and Walmart. Their proprietary video advertising platform delivers high quality, guaranteed video advertising experiences.

Clicking on success, Yackanich explained how businesses can benefit from Genesis Media’s full-spectrum online video distribution reaching 150 million viewers per month across thousands of premium publishing partners.

“People are now spending at least half of their media consumption time on the Internet and online video advertising is one of the most effective tools for brand re-call – beating nearly every other media forum from an efficiency perspective, when it comes to reaching market segments.”

“Genesis enables advertisers to directly target desired consumers based on their interests and online habits and reach them on a grand scale. By matching consumers and brands, we can also deliver stronger ROI, create new revenue streams for publishers and substantially improve brand awareness.”

“True technology innovation and disruption, the kind that creates value forcompanies like yours and ours, only happens through partnership. We at Genesis Media are looking forward to working with the members of theAventura Marketing Council and the greater Miami business community to build a whole new generation of business opportunities for all of us.”

In keeping with the “start of something big” theme, AMC members learned Genesis Media’s affiliate TravelBIG.com is the largest online travel resource for travel news, vacation deals, and timely jetsetter advice.

Close to home, DS Xpress, based in Aventura for over 15 years, now has five locations with a team of 35 in-house Designers, CSS coders and Developers can provide the solution and execute it to the clients needs.

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