Basic Web Design and SEO Tips

Basic Web Design and SEO Tips

by Shane

The internet has more than three billion users and about one billion websites. It would be hard for any of these users to land on your site as opposed to the other websites that exist unless you have something that attracts them to you. Web design and SEO will allow you to gain an edge over your competitors. Implementing these tips will drive traffic to your website boosting your online reputations while increasing your volume of sales through eCommerce. Here are some of these web design and SEO tips.

Get a Mobile Responsive Website

In 2015, 52.7% of all internet users accessed the internet through their mobile phones. This figure is likely to rise to 63.4% in 2017. Unfortunately, only mobile responsive websites were able to take advantage of this surge in mobile internet use. It is so because people find it uncomfortable to go to a website that does not change its fonts and layouts to adapt to mobile screens. In other words, they can only view portions of it at a time because their mobile screens are too small for the website. More importantly, non-responsive websites have fewer functions when used on a mobile phone. For example, filling up sign up forms is difficult. The smartest tip is to seek a team to help kick start your projects and develop mobile apps for you. The professionals at DS Xpress can help your business with any mobile app ideas you may have.

Use Relevant Keywords

Google processes over 40,000 searches per second, which translates to 1.2 trillion searches every year. That means search engines sites like Google have to prioritize the information they deliver to their users. For example, search results with certain keywords will always rank highly when a user is searching for a particular product. When that happens, the user no longer has the need to keep on searching for the product. Instead, he will simply click on one of the search results. You can find yourself on the first results page of Google and other search engines if you use relevant keywords to write your online content.

Take Advantage of Audiovisual Media

Web sites are boring without images, videos, tutorials, and podcasts. You may not be able to have all of these things on your site, but you should have some of them. Visual media is especially important so accompany each article with an image or two. A quick video highlighting your products and services is also a good idea. Remember, always have a description for each visual image you have on your website.

Integrate Social Media into Your Website

Integrating social media into your website is also important. Some relevant social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Establishing a stable and strong presence on this new means of communication is important. Doing so allows you to address concerns raised by your clients. For instance, you can reply to a tweet or a post about a particular product or service offered by your company. Additionally, social media allows you to create a viral online effect that will enhance the loyalty of your existing clients while encouraging potential customers to buy your products.

Improve Your Website’s Navigation

Moving from one link on your website to another one should be an easy task. For example, can internet visitors to your website find the ‘Contact Us’ link? Is it possible for them to buy a product through your website easily? Can they read your words i.e. are you using the appropriate font sizes and types? The color theme of your website should also be appropriate to the kind of business you do. If any of these things are off, then the client might choose to move to another website where they can easily read the content and find relevant links. Improve your website’s navigation through good web design so that you can retain such online visitors.

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