5 Common Webdesign Mistakes You Might Be Making

5 Common Webdesign Mistakes You Might Be Making

by Shane

The world of online marketing is expanding each year rapidly, meaning that if any business wants to retain a competitive advantage, it has to establish itself on the Internet with viable and efficient e-commerce web design. The best way to do this is to hire a web design company to perform the necessary design and programming to make a website efficient, effective, and user-friendly. This article will outline five common mistakes people make with e-commerce design in general and with hiring e-commerce design companies, and how you can avoid them. Designing a website is a highly involving process. Without any templates to guide in your design, you have to undertake the whole process yourself. There are so many considerations that need to be made. The magnitude of these decisions, and the lack of an understanding of what users want, or their browsing habits creates a lot of room for error. Some of these are inconsequential, but in most cases, they take away much, and the result is a website that hardly attracts a following.

While there are many mistakes that designers make, there are those that are more commonly repeated. Here are the five common mistakes that you should avoid to make your website.

The first is having an overly complex design. In the spirit of competition, you might want to incorporate all the bells and whistles, but too many of them are counterproductive. Too many graphics are overwhelming, and this is usually seen in the slow loading time. Instead, stick to simple designs. There is no greater example of where less is more than in web design.

The second common mistake is designing a website for desktop viewing only. With the number of mobile internet users steadily increasing the world over, there is the need to have a website that is mobile enabled. This way, you can appeal to a demographic that will visit your site regularly if your website’s offerings are good enough.

The third common mistake is to have unappealing content. Unappealing is used in a collective sense, in this context to imply content that is either boring, too long, has a single font size, or not relevant enough. Aesthetics alone will not make up for uninspiring content. Understand that writing for websites is different from writing for print. Internet users prefer scanning content, and finding exactly what they are looking for. Using different font sizes and using subheads, lists and paragraphs is, therefore, the better approach. Divide the content into several pages, and make sure it is free from grammatical errors.

The fourth one is not having any contact information, or having it inconveniently placed. For an e-commerce website, this is a costly mistake. Have all your contact information clearly displayed, ideally on every page. Integrate social media icons to give your visitors an option of networking with you instead. Form filling is tedious and even unnecessary in some cases.

The fifth critical common mistake has pages that are not search optimized. If you have any intention of driving traffic to your site, you have to appreciate the importance of having a visible website. There are many search engine optimization tools you can use to improve your ranking, and slowly grow to become an authority in your niche.

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