5 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

by Shane

There are many ways to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your marketing campaign. While there are many great methods to utilize this effect marketing method there are some common SEO mistakes you should avoid. These mistakes are usually made by the individual who is not familiar with this mean of marketing or in the process of learning it.

We at DS Xpress wanted to share a little information about SEO. Here are the 5 common SEO mistakes to avoid:

1. Link Farms. Link Farms can be hard to tell sometimes. Many look similar to directories. The problem with Link Farms is unlike directories there is no real purpose to have the list of links on a page except to provide backlinks. This method may work for a little bit but once the search engines catch on even the person with their link on the page can get penalized. Avoid Link Farms, if you are looking for good directories you will know by looking at the quality of the site and the fact that the list of links has a real purpose.Linking to and from the website is a part of search engine optimization. However, when opting for linking, it is important that you choose to link to good sites with a better ranking. It is no point opting for links from sites with low rankings or the sites that are banned as they will be of no value to your site. In fact, linking with these sites will prove to be harmful to your SEO rankings.

2. Keyword Stuffing. This is probably the most common SEO mistake. Quite simply it is using your keywords and keyword phrases so much that it is evident you are stuffing the keywords in and/or does not read well. Try putting keywords and phrases in your title (as long you can create a good title), description and lightly peppered throughout your article you will have just as good results and provide great content. Remember the purpose is to provide great content so when the search engines direct people to your content those individual will need to either purchase from you or even search for more about you.

3. Ineffective Keywords. Sometimes people do not even do keyword research and other times they do it ineffectively. Either way is a mistake. In any type of marketing, you must know your target market. Know who they are and what they are searching for, what your competitors are doing to reach them and then do your keyword research looking for long tail keywords that have a good amount of search volume and less competition. The key is to have keywords that will bring targeted people ready to buy to your site.

4. Using Blackhat. While blackhat techniques will get you fast traffic, they can also get you, ineffective visitors, get you banned and overall could make you look less than credible. With the many effective whitehat techniques, there is no need to change going to the dark side of SEO.

5. Not using Meta Tags. This is such a simple technique to do, however so many people easily dismiss the power of Meta Tags. This involves title tags, keyword tags, and description tags. It does not take long to fill these out and if you are a blogger there are many great plugins that make this an easy thing to do and to remember to do. Make sure you keep in mind the research you did for your keywords when filling out your Meta Tags.


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