Why Pitching Your Start-Up Matters

Why Pitching Your Start-Up Matters


Let’s say you are starting up a tech company. And let’s say that the tech company is building some new kind of technology.  And let’s say that you have all the capital you need in the world.  While that sounds like a recipe for success, there is a little bit of an issue you need to resolve.  Let’s say because you actually have the experience, the capital and the right management team, you think, hey we know what we are doing!

Third Party Opinions

The reality is, while you think you know what you are doing, your thinking and market acceptance are two different animals.  You can have a marketing budget, because of your capital.  You can have almost everything but one critical thing.  That one thing you may be missing is third party opinions.  You need outsiders who are not in your little circle hearing your ideas over and over again.  You talk to yourself enough, you think a bad idea is a good idea.  People get stuck on concepts with no business model and have a hard time listening to agents of change.  Trust me I have done this.  That is what going in front of a shark tank will help you with.  You may have a vision. You may be a genius, but sometimes we get stuck on our ideas and have a hard time listening to others.

Come To Pitch Night

This is why we actually recommend even companies that are well capitalized and well positioned to come and pitch to investors and mentors their start-up concept.  It is only among others, who really don’t have the same thinking as  you do, that you are going to get some other side of the fence answers.  There are naysayers about everything in life.  If you can’t handle them, you need to start now if you are going to be building a start-up.

Our next pitch night through DSX Labs (http://dsxlabs.com @dsxlabs), where companies come and pitch their start-up is on Wednesday, February 18th at 6pm at The Greenhouse in Boca Raton.  Here is a link to our event on meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Boca-Raton-Tech-Start-ups-Meetup/events/220138280/

And good luck with your next venture.

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