Design is the first of 3 critical aspects of web and mobile app development DS Xpress provides.   In order to have a great web design, there needs to be a great UI or Wireframe developed first.  If you want to work with our team, the best thing you can do is get your Wireframe (or what we used to call Specs/Specifications) together before starting the design process.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the artwork or graphics that are needed in developing your web or mobile app. DS Xpress provides full service, meaning we provide the graphics needed for your project, unless you have a designer on staff.

Designers Steps to providing the right product

  • web designers, responsible for graphic elements
  • web designers researching industry
  • web designer designs a beautiful custom design
  • web designer gives majority pages for clients approval

Structure and usability

User interface is one of the most important parts. Site’s elements should be organized in the way they can be seen and understood quickly and effortlessly. Think about users’ habits while designing site’s structure. Which blocks do they expect to see and where? Structure also depends on area you’re designing for and type of website. For example, online stores are quite different to corporate sites.


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