Underdog Arena


Underdog Arena, a social network for coaches, athletes, fans, parents and sponsors, is a kind of LinkedIn for the world of sport. With free registration and possibility to create informative accounts, this network is a great tool to create connections between people involved in sport life. To enlarge number of connections, users can invite friends from Facebook, via email or within Underdog Arena (if their fiends already have accounts). Users can write and request endorsements, which can work like recommendations and increase profile’s value.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP Programming
  • Framework: CAKEPHP
  • Social Networks API
  • Video Streaming
  • JS/jQuery

What we did

Each detail of the site’s design is created with sport and sport people in mind. We integrated Underdog Arena with LinkedIn and Facebook so users can sign up immediately via these networks. For those who don’t want, there is a simple and fast registration form, and person can specify who he or she is – coach, athlete, fan, parent or sponsor. Privacy settings allow to make accounts public, private or for friends only. Network allows to search people by their names, city, place where they study/studied and role at the site. Website is optimized to use at all mobile devices.



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