Shmoozfest is an expert in business networking. They know that nowadays individuals attend different events mostly to meet right people. This is a company which can make people meet each other and create new productive and valuable connections. Charity or educational events, business meetings, conferences, receptions, cocktail hours and many other gatherings can be organized and performed by Shmoozfest. Shmoozfest team knows how to make audience coming back to some events again and again. With their professional help, events become well-organized interaction processes instead of just gatherings of people communicating in a chaotic and ineffective way.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP Programming
  • Framework: CAKEPHP
  • Social Networks API
  • Events services API
  • JS/jQuery

What we did

There are two types of accounts at Shmoozfest – for visitors and organizers. People can log in with Facebook and LinkedIn or create an independent account. There is a big database of upcoming events, with search option to find events at particular area, by event category or start/end dates. Visitor’s account is a fully functional business planner. It allows to organize appointments in internal calendar or export and import information to/from iCall and Google calendar. The site provides users with page to organize personal contacts, people search option and messenger. Attendees’ profiles include information about person’s networking goals, job details and business contacts, education, personal data relationship and social network’s option of sharing updates. Shmoozfest is optimized to work well on all devices.



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