Use RealConnex to search for and find investors, lenders, advisors, JV partners and all the other professional services you need regardless of deal size. Post deals and set detailed requirements for each post and RealConnex will make the match. It is safe, secure, and translates the highly confidential off-line deal process into an effective on-line platform - without compromise! RealConnex is as confidential as you need it to be. RealConnex is the ideal tool for business development, networking, and collaboration. It is modern, secure, and will help you grow your business and improve the economics of transactions in ways that were never possible before. The Result: More Deals. Much Faster !

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP Programming
  • Framework: CAKEPHP
  • Social Networks API
  • BackboneJS

What we did

Described by the founder, Roy as “Linkedin Meets For The Real Estate Business”, is a social networking project in a niche market, raising capital for real estate ventures. RealConnex is the premier social network in this niche industry. The architecture and plans for RealConnex have been quite all encompassing. Our team is proud to be associated with the project. This project is going through several iterations as we build out one of the most sophisticated social networks to enter the market to date. Our ability to build out these types of projects has made it possible to take a simple concept and make it a reality.



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