Raffle For Good


Raffle for good is created to make online fundraising more effective, engaging and exciting. Companies donate items to help particular fundraising organization, and people participate in raffle to purchase items they like and support fundraisers. This skill-based raffle system has nothing in common with gambling or lotteries as results totally depend on players skills. Raffle For Good creators believe the Internet to be the best place for positive social changes, and this is the reason why they’ve launched this site. Via the website non-profit organizations, commercial companies and consumers can work together in easy and entertaining way.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • PHP Programming
  • Framework: CAKEPHP
  • Social Networks API
  • Braintree payments
  • JS/jQuery
  • BackboneJS

What we did

There are three categories of users: fundraisers, supporters and prize donors. Customers choose raffles, buy and number tickets and the lowest ticket number, which nobody else selected, wins. It’s possible to buy several tickets. The system provides users with tips about the most used numbers and recent winning ones. Supporters can search items at different states and fundraisers categories (for example, poverty, arts and culture or civil rights). To take part in raffles, people need to create accounts or log in with Facebook. Social media integration allows customers to share information and follow Raffle For Good accounts.



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