Nature’s Best


Nature’s Best is South Floridian company that provides consumers with bottleless water systems. They offer wide variety of filters – more comfortable, less expensive and healthier alternatives to water coolers. Water from Nature’s Best filters is clean and always fresh. These filters are connected right to the water source that means the end of problems with running out of water and organization of monthly delivery. This is a good choice for companies who want to work with eco-friendly businesses as Nature’s Best don’t use plastic bottles. Company offers a TotalCare program for their clients, that includes delivery and installation of the filter, annual preventive service, 24/7 support and repair or replacement of filter if needed.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP Programming
  • JS/jQuery

What we did

Nature’s Best site is all dedicated to the water. Design is performed in blue and white colors, with splashes of clean water at the bottom of each page. The most important information like contacts and FAQs is fixed on the top part of the site. Main page showcases company’s products. For visitors comfort, quick contact form is available at most of the pages. There is also an expanded contact page to get more information about clients, e.g. number of employees at their companies, preferred type of water cooler or current water service provider. At video gallery there are several educational videos about company’s products and water purification.



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