inSkool is a social network, made specifically for high school students to plan their future education, with unique features to create informative profile. It is designed to help school-leavers, educators and colleges create online connections. At this site graduates can get internship, find summer job, become a volunteer or, with some additional information at profiles, improve their university applications. Alumni can integrate personal information like hobbies, sport achievements or other into their profiles. Accounts at inSkool are a kind of online CVs for students’ first employers – universities.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP Programming
  • Framework: CAKEPHP
  • Social Networks API
  • JS/jQuery

What we did

Resource like InSkool should be visually appealing and easy to understand for all three groups it is created for. We’ve wanted the site to look strict but friendly and designed it in dark blue, black and orange colors. To become an InSkool member, users have to create an appropriate account (student’s, educator’s or college’s) or log in with Facebook or LinkedIn. Students’ accounts consist of 4 blocks: personal information, educational data, working experience and information about hobbies (sports, music, performing and visual arts). Privacy settings allow to make profile information public, for friends only or private. With a search option it is possible to find people by their names, location or schools/colleges they’re studying in. Participants can create connections and write endorsements about each other. InSkool’s website is a responsive solution and works correctly on all devices.



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