Dryeco is maybe the most eco-friendly dry cleaners in Florida. This company offers safe dry cleaning, with no hazardous materials used. They also pay attention to economical usage of energy and water and don’t use plastic laundry bags, and all the package they use is made of post-consumer products. Dryeco is a great solution for people with allergies on ingredients, commonly used in mass market detergents. Customers can clean not only wide variety of clothes (even expensive high couture ones and wedding gowns), but also all household items, including rugs. With free pickup and delivery to save company’s clients time and money, this is a really good choice for all cleaning needs.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP Programming
  • MYSQL Database
  • Framework: CAKEPHP

What we did

This site in cheerful green and blue colors allows to order company’s services online and get information about Dryeco. Site is provided with form of free pick up. Registered users can just log in, while for new visitors it is offered to enter ZIP code to find out if Dryeco works in area they live. Sign up form allows customers to create accounts with detailed information about their preferences. For example, they can specify the way Dryeco should laundry shirts or how much starch to use. All website transactions are secured by Network Solutions. The site is working on CMS which allows updating information and posting to blog quickly and easily. Simple and fast mobile version of website allows to order Dryeco’s services from any device.



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