How To Give An Elevator Pitch For Tech Start-Ups Published

Feb 23
This morning, February 23, 2015, I published my second book entitled “How To Give An Elevator Pitch For Tech Start-Ups“.  The book was self-published through, an company. This book comes from my experience run... Read more

Why Pitching Your Start-Up Matters

Feb 13
Let’s say you are starting up a tech company. And let’s say that the tech company is building some new kind of technology.  And let’s say that you have all the capital you need in the world.  While that sounds like a recipe for su... Read more

Front-End Vs. Back-End Development

Nov 04
Having been around a lot of website & app development for the past 15 years, I see two major ways to pursue a web or app solution. You can either approach it from the front or the back. This just means that either the project starts with design (... Read more
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