Who Ya Got recently went into Beta at Who Ya Got. Who Ya Got is a sports betting social network which uses no real money. Everything within Who Ya Got is points based. But with your skill level of picking football, basketball and college sports teams, you can win and open up coupons, discounts and other prizes with your points. Who Ya Got is the next evolution of gamification in the fantasy sports betting field. The use of social networking and integration with existing social media makes Who Ya Got particularly attractive to people interested in sporting events.

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Services Provided

  • API Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • PHP Programming
  • GIT

What we did

Who Ya Got was developed from the ground up using our 3 step design process, including Design Phase, HTML/CSS Phase and Programming Phase. It just happens that the programming of Who Ya Got included social network api integrations, building out a membership system, social networking functionality and specialized integration with sports events apis.



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