Anchors Away


The Anchors Away Foundation is non-profit organization that arranges educational and recreational services for people with disabilities, youth in risk and elderly. This company succeeded in bringing back to physical activities people with limited abilities and old people. They also educate disability communities, families and health care professionals about all available equipment, techniques and other resources. Organization focuses on providing water sport activities like swimming, skiing, sailing, canoeing and others. With a help of Anchors Away Foundation, people with disabilities, youth in need and old people can do different sports, improve their physical and mental health and socialize in easy and pleasant way.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Google API

What we did

We were glad to create a site for organization with such honorable goals. As company’s activities are related to water, the site is designed in a marine style. We’ve focused on two important site’s functions – fundraising and informing about new events. At the site there is a calendar of upcoming events. Each event has a description with date, time and location (with possibility to find it on Google maps). To stay informed about next events and news, people can follow Anchors Away Foundation at social networks (links with icons are mentioned at the site) or subscribe for newsletter. PayPal API integration allows to donate directly from the website, and all transactions are secured. For those who want to leave a feedback there is a special form at contact page. Site is designed to be displayed correctly at all mobile devices.



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