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DS Xpress is a custom web and mobile application development team.
Don’t waste your time looking for developers. Let us do the hard stuff for you.
"We don’t just develop ideas; we execute them."

We have a team of 35 in house professionals with over 15 years of experience
and hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it.

Our Leaders
  • Dimitry Shaposhnikov President & CEO
    Has a Bachelor's Degree in MIS/Computer Science. He is the co-founder of DS Xpress. Built a team of 30 in-house professionals. Has serviced clients for over 15 years.
  • Alex Polstein Project Manager
    Obtained a Bachelors degree in Marketing at Florida International University. Alex manages and monitors project development, from start to finish, and provides assistance to clients.
  • Nataliia Marchuk Project Manager
    Natalia is a Project Manager Graduated Economy University, with Master's degree in Management. Nataliia is in charge of new projects management, she is one of the main connecting links between clients and developers staff.
  • Olya Zheldakova Project Manager
    With a Master's degree in Management there is nothing impossible for Olya in meeting clients needs and team's possibilities. Olya easily leads both large complex projects and small "visit card" web sites. She's a real team player and creative PM.
Our Team


Start-ups are our passion and now our experience.
Learn More about our Incubator at DSX Labs in Florida

Over the past 3 years
we have partnered
with a dozen funded
start-ups, building out
their core technology.


We have built over 600 web sites and mobile apps
over the past 15 years.


It’s not that we can do most anything,
it’s that we have a process to tackle what we are good at.

Take a look at the all-inclusive package DS Xpress can offer you:


DS Xpress offers full service design as part of our solution for web or mobile apps. This includes logo, creative images, selecting and modifying images from libraries. We provide designs approved by our customers for any industry.



As part of the development process, DS Xpress provides a service to cut up design and prepare HTML/CSS coding for programming. This includes mobile ready/HTML5, mobile and other current technologies.


Web & Mobile Development

DS Xpress creates a finished product for clients using our team of skilled programmers. Whether its web or mobile, our technical team has skills in building sophisticated solutions for both start-ups and larger enterprises.



We believe in collaboration not competition.

If you are

an agency

Contact us to see how we can work together.

we are not a competitor, we are

a supplier of wholesale services.

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